SCO Expert Pool – International network of Experts

SCO Experts for design- manufacturing- maintenance consulting & engineering services of electrical machines

Experts for

Turbo, Diesel, Hydro, Wind,
Tidal, Wave

Experts for

Low & High voltage, Traction,
Hybrid, Propulsion thruster

Experts for

Power & Distribution

Experts for
Field Magnets

HTS application, winding
of super conductor

Design- redesigns consulting & engineering

  • Feasibility study for electrical machines
  • New designs- review of existing machines design
  • 3D modelling- structure- frequency analysing - dimensioning- FEM calculation- definition
    - Electromagnetic definition- windings and insulation conception
    - Mechanical, housing- shaft- bearing- oil lubrication
    - Thermal- cooling- ventilation- noise
  • Cost & weight reduction studies
  • Insulation, conductor & composite technology

Manufacturing consulting & engineering

  • Workshop design Workshop check-up- layout design- process reorganisation- manufacturing feasibility study- turnkey engineering
  • Sheet metal body Stator ,Rotor, pole body sheet metal- air ventilation- finger plate Punching / cutting- regrinding- lamination / varnishing- curing- sheet metal stacking
  • Winding manufacturing
    - Stator bars Stripping- roebling- consolidation- inter turn test- forming- bar end brazing- taping- RR curing- corona protection
    - Rotor bars /coils Undercutting- annealing- forming- insulation- assembly- brazing- balancing
    - Coils Looping- taping- forming- (consolidation) corona protection
    - Poles Winding- brazing- pressing, curing, permanent magnets (PM) assembly
    - Joining rings Forming- brazing- taping (RR curing)
  • Winding impregnation RR resin rich curing- SVPI single bar VPI curing- TVPI tool VPI & curing- GVPI global VPI impregnation- curing- HV testing
  • Stator assembly Winding insertion- connection brazing- HV testing
  • Rotor assembly Winding insertion- insulation – coil brazing- balancing

Maintenance & preservation consulting

  • Failure expertise Electrical & mechanical damages diagnostic & repair consulting onsite- vibration & noises analysis- manufacturing process failures
  • Commissioning Assembly advise & supervision- quality inspection- acceptation of windings
  • Technical training Maintenance & preservation training- technology advise- assessments on operational reliability