Core competency in rotating electrical machines
Consulting & engineering services for Generator & Motors

Feasibility study for new electrical machines
Cost & weight reduction studies

Performance parameters

Electro Magnetic definition of the exciter

Rotor winding ,Pole- , PM system

Initial winding design

Short circuit current & torque

Efficiency curve


Off-center forces

Dimensions Elmag parts

Interface of magnetic flow to the rotor body

Winding definition

Thermal definition

Mechanical design and FEM calculation

Mechanical stress of stiffness, vibration, dilatation

Stator- rotor conception

Stator- rotor core structure FEM

Stator core interface stress results

Pole body design form, pole horn form, material, insulation

Pole interface stress results

Rotor body

Damper definition

Frequency ,noise calculation & analysing

Dimensioning & material specification

Bearings TS and ES conception

Bearing forces and speed

Oil / lubrication system

shaft - critical stress

Mechanical stress results

Housing & foundation concept design

Cooling & ventilation system design

Cooling results analysis & ventilation calculation

Insulation design

Conductor / wire insulation & definition

Slot insulation, spacers, endcap

Impregnation technology VPI, SVPI, GVPI, TVPI, RR

Curing process

Traditional 2 L DW

Flat coil technology

2 L DW flat coil

2 L DW HV flat coil

1 L DW Pin coil

1 L CW flat coil

2 L CW flat coil

Turbo Roebel bar 360 – 720°

Hydro Roebel bar 360 - 540°

Motors bars



Turbo Rotor C coil

Permanent magnets PM

Joining ring design

Analysing of the actual products, processes, failures & weak points

Bench mark situation, productivity & quality improvements

Cost reduction & investment forecast, layout correction

Analysing of the actual flow & handling operation

Reorganizing the process flow, buffer storages

Mechanizing & reduction of the handling operator

Cost reduction calculation and adjusted layout

Feasibility study of new manufacturing processes

Flat coil technology for new windings

Automatic loop winding

Automatic coil forming and taping

Strand stripping

3D Roebel bar technology

Mastic application

Fast curing consolidation

Bar forming

for stator coils & bars connection

for pole coils manufacturing & pressing

for turbo rotor coils connections

Automatic taping & insulation

Stator / rotor core structure building

Core sheets punching / cutting

Regrinding, lamination / varnishing drying

Automatic core stacking

Assembly & cleaning tools, test bench

Trickling, diving


VPI Rack curing, Hydro static curing

HV Test process

Special manufacturing equipment’s ,tools & jigs design

Feasibility study

Basic engineering

Turn-key engineering, supervision

Electrical testing

Trial test processes, on site testing

Failure analysing & on site expertise

On site repair solutions

Acceptance & supervision services Training

Super conductor HTS winding




VPI Impregnation

Power & Distribution Transformer windings